Meeting Minutes 9-6-22

Leroy Township Board Meeting
Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Township Hall – 1685 N M-52, Webberville, MI.
The meeting of the Leroy Township Board was called to order at 7:00 p.m.
by the Supervisor, Earl L. Griffes.
Members present: Earl L. Griffes, Wilma J. Whitehead, Loretta K. Benjamin,
R. Scott Diederich. Absent: Heidi Ream.
Also present: Shelly Hall, Steve Moreno, Monica Moreno, Dennis Dyko.
The minutes of the August 9, 2022 monthly meeting were reviewed. Benjamin
moved to accept the minutes as presented. Support, Diederich. Motion passed.
The Planning Commission minutes for the rezoning of property, at 3537 E. Grand
River, Williamston, were reviewed. The Commission recommended to the Board
to rezone the property, owned by R. Scott Diederich, from C-3 to C-2. Motion by
Benjamin to rezone parcel #33-08-08-04-300-027, 5.65 acres, from C-3 to C-2.
Support, Whitehead. Benjamin-Yes, Griffes-Yes, Whitehead-Yes. Diederich-
Abstained. Ream-Absent. The motion passed 3-0.
Benjamin gave Planning Commission report. Property on the corner of Howell
and Dietz Roads, owned by R. Hamlin, plan on returning to Agricultural
zoning. The Wind Turbine Ordinance was reviewed and discussed.
NIESA report given by Scott Diederich. Williamston station parking lot is in need
of repair and not in this year’s budget. Vacant lot owned by NIESA, 2 acres, zoned
commercial and residential, is being put on the market. The student grants are
going well, the class fee is being paid, but student class time is not.
After review, Benjamin moved to pay all bills as presented. Support, Whitehead.
Diederich-Yes, Griffes-Yes, Benjamin-Yes, Whitehead-Yes. The motion passed.
Motion by Benjamin to adjourn at 7:28 p.m. Support, Diederich. Motion passed.

Wilma J. Whitehead
Township Clerk