Meeting Minutes 1-5-21


January 5, 2021

Leroy Township Hall, 1685 N M-52, Webberville, MI.

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Supervisor, Earl L. Griffes.


Board Members present:  Earl L. Griffes, Wilma J. Whitehead, Heidi Ream, Loretta K. Benjamin, R. Scott Diederich.

Also present:  Kenneth Dimoff, Colin Kummerfeldt, Shelly Hall, Scott MacGuidwin, Rhonda Sherwin, Monica Moreno, Steve Moreno, Renee Heide, T.S. Auten, Lindsay Utz, James Utz.


After review, Ream moved to accept the minutes of the December meeting as presented. Support, Whitehead.  The motion passed.


Public comment:  Shelly Hall questioned the accuracy of the November 3, 2020 General Election results.  The Clerk stated that from all correspondence from the State Bureau of Elections that the results were fair and accurate.


Township residents were present for updates on and the process, for the proposed wind turbines.  James Utz questioned Colin Kummerfeldt, Apex Representative, where they are at in their environmental studies. Mr. Kummerfeldt replied that their first study has been completed and only Agricultural land is being considered, with 10,000 acres leased already.  Supervisor, Griffes stated that the Township Zoning Ordinance calls for a maximum height of 400 feet and their projected height is 650 feet.  The Township has received around 200 surveys back with approximately 2-1 against.  Steve Moreno stated that studies show that people walk away from properties because of wind turbine placed near their homes.  James Utz noted that the Township should keep track of all expenses, because Apex had originally agreed to reimburse the Township, for all fees.


The BS&A Financial Program/Cash Receipting was explained by Treasurer, Ream.  After discussion, Whitehead moved to approve the purchase of this last portion of the Financial Program.  Support, Benjamin.  Griffes-Yes, Ream-Yes, Diederich-Yes, Benjamin-Yes, Whitehead-Yes.  The motion passed.


Ingham County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution to appoint William E. Fowler as the County Designated, to oversee local assessors.  After review, Diederich moved to accept Resolution #2021-01 to accept the Resolution from the County Board of Commissioners.  Support, Benjamin.  Ream-Yes, Diederich-Yes, Benjamin-Yes, Griffes-Yes, Whitehead-Yes.  The motion passed 5-0.


Diederich gave the N.I.E.S.A. report for December, which included that they are looking for a new website designer and the meeting schedule has been made out for 2021.  Don Henley was appointed to the finance committee, replacing John Kane.


After review, Benjamin moved to pay the bills as presented.  Support-Ream.  Griffes-Yes, Benjamin-Yes, Diederich-Yes, Ream-Yes, Whitehead-Yes.  The motion passed.


Motion by Benjamin to adjourn at 7:46 p.m.  Support, Diederich.  Motion passed.



Wilma J. Whitehead

Township Clerk