Meeting Minutes 2-1-22


Leroy Township Board Meeting

Tuesday, February 1, 2022 – 7:00 p.m.

Township Hall – 1685 N M-52, Webberville, MI.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by the Supervisor, Earl L. Griffes.

Board Members present:  Earl L. Griffes, Wilma J. Whitehead, Heidi Ream, Loretta K. Benjamin,

R. Scott Diederich.

Also present:  Dennis Dyko, Todd Benjamin, Steve Moreno, Monica Moreno, James Utz, Lindsay

Utz, Tom Smith, Marilyn Smith.

After review, Benjamin moved to accept the January minutes as presented.  Support, Ream. The motion passed. 

Public comments on the Agri-Tourism/PUD amendment:  the original point of the Agri-Tourism Zoning was the right to farm and sell agricultural products, permits required under AT/PUD provide safe environments for the community, trust that the Board will not be turning zoning things around with proposed zoning changes, farmers helping farmers and provide other positive things, the current businesses would be legal and grandfathered in, entertainment and farms are a good way to spend time and money, Agri-Tourism will help families to keep going for generations and will improve public perception of the agricultural community. 

The Board further discussed the proposed Agri-tourism amendment changes that the Planning Commission has been working on since the Lavender Farm, on Gramer Road, proposal to build a banquet facility/event barn, in 2017.  Griffes decided to contact the Township Planner about the Board having final approval over PUDs and to make changes to the amendment, before the next Planning Commission work session.

Planning Commission terms reviewed.  Bradley Hitchcock’s term has expired and he has decided to resign, from the position.  Supervisor, Griffes appointed Monica Moreno to fill the position, for the three year term.

Richard Chaffee PA-116 received a request for additional information¸ by the State Department of Farmland Development Rights, asking for a Township Resolution stating that at least one building was present, at 1175 N. Dietz Road, Webberville, prior to the original start date, of the agreement, in 2008.  Motion by Benjamin to adopt a resolution verifying that at least one structure, on the property is older than 2008.  Support, Whitehead.  Diederich-Yes, Ream-Yes, Griffes-Yes, Benjamin-Yes, Whitehead-Yes.  The motion passed.

N.I.E.S.A. report was given by Diederich.  The Board discussed the capture of funds on DDA properties. The personnel committee will set a date, to discuss the department’s recent two retirements and one resignation and the filling of these three positions.

The Township Salaries Resolution was discussed.  Whitehead moved to adopt Resolution #2022-02 to adjust employee’s salaries because of the current COLA increase.  Support, Ream.  Ream-Yes, Griffes-Yes, Benjamin-Yes, Whitehead-Yes, Diederich-Yes.  The motion passed 5-0.

The bills were presented and after review, Benjamin moved to pay all bills.  Support, Diederich. Griffes-Yes¸ Benjamin-Yes, Whitehead-Yes, Diederich-Yes, Ream-Yes.  The motion passed 5-0.

The Ingham County Drain Commission, Notice of Day of Review of Apportionments, for the Smith and Oesterle Drain Special Assessment District, was discussed.  The flooding out of driveways and the bridge on Frost Road were concerns voiced, by the residents, to the Drain Commission.

Motion by Benjamin to adjourn at 8:30 p.m.  Support, Ream.  The motion passed.


Wilma J. Whitehead

Township Clerk